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Car rental in the short term in Latvia from Naniko

Short-term car rent is a special type of lease that allows the use of vehicle for a short period of time. This period may start from a day to a maximum of six months.
The company of Naniko  provides short-term car rental in Latvia, Riga for all the customers to take advantage of this service: companies, individuals, freelancers and others who need a vehicle with certain characteristics for temporary use.
Naniko has a wide and varied range of vehicles from luxury or compact and economical means of transport to meet the needs of any occasion or event.

Highly qualified staff of Naniko always will assist you in choosing the right car to you, according to your needs and make it available to the reception at the site, the most favorable and close to your location.

Get comprehensive information on rent a car for a short term in Riga, Latvia from the company Naniko!

To learn more about this service pack, you can simply write to us via the contact form or directly contact our courteous operators on the phone.
We have no call centers, but merely direct contact with our operators, which are accordance with the issue will connect you with the right specialist, who in its turn listened carefully to your needs, will offer the most suitable solution and the best lease.

Naniko can provide for short term car lease a variety of vehicles at economical daily rates. We have an extensive fleet of vehicles, including small cars, vans and minibuses of a broad range of models, all vehicles are equipped with the maximum comfort for you. For your comfort and safety, all cars are equipped with air conditioning, radio, ABS, airbag, and given the spectrum of assistive devices. You can book a seat for the child, navigation systems, winter accessories and other.

Our service packages and proposed solutions of lease gives you access to the following:

• You are provided with support from the technical team of our company in the event of unforeseen problems in general during the rental period.

• You receive a regular and extraordinary service throughout the country, and the guarantee of professionalism, efficiency, courtesy and transparency of the services provided to you by us.

• With the appropriate season you are provided with winter tires.
• Replacement of the car is also provided in the case of stop for any reason.
• Insurance package, also the taxes are always included in the rates provided.

Choose the best of the best for your trip – car for rent in the short term in Latvia from Naniko!

According to its characteristics the short term vehicle rental in Latvia has many of the same options with long-term renting, the only difference being only in some aspects:

For example, in contrast to the long-term lease, which allows the customer to select and retrieve any new car, while short-term lease you can choose something that has already been available in the car park.
These vehicles are always fully serviced regularly after each rental to test their effectiveness, for your and our peace of mind.

In order to enter into a lease cars in the short term in Riga, Latvia, just need to possess a valid driver’s license and a payment card for the deposit.

The tariff is calculated according to two parameters, which include: the category of the selected vehicle and duration of the rental period.
The rental price includes insurance and VAT, also provided millage without restrictions. Not included in the rental price such costs as fuel, any costs that are fines, tolls, direct damage caused by the driver and additional services.

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