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Discover the possibilities of car rental in Yerevan with Naniko

Yerevan is undoubtedly an attractive place for tourists because it offers to explore the untold riches of its long history, cultural and historical monuments and magnificent nature. Many tourists and business people visit this city every year. For a successful trip is recommended to have private means of travel that can be easily arranged in advance and order through the site of Naniko car rent in Yerevan. Thus, you can find the best deals for you, low price and preferable service. Using our easy booking system you will in advance provide yourself with all you need for mobility, you will have secure a trouble-free movement in any direction. Without the risk to overpay, as it is in case when using a taxi, or to lose most of your time, as when using public transport, you will in complete comfort be able to move about your business destinations or for leisure routes and excursions.
Various agencies and companies offer car rental services for a variety of conditions. But why do not get a better range of services from high-level professional as it is the company Naniko working in the rental market for decades and has fundamental experience and the most advantageous system.

Find your better deals and rent a car in Yerevan efficiently using the time with great offers by Naniko!

Providing all the modern mechanisms for the rapid and successful booking through our website, Naniko can arrange the delivery of the car for yourself in Yerevan, at the airport immediately upon arrival or anywhere else.

We offer only the vehicles of highest quality that come only from well-known international manufacturers and brand name is already a guarantee of quality. But despite this, all of our vehicles undergo compulsory technical inspection after each rental period to be in perfect condition.

You can choose any type of vehicle from our fleet, even with the specific technical features, whether manual or automatic transmission, cars with petrol or diesel, with standard or greater capacity as a minivan for 7 and 9 people and more.

In all of our vehicles from the category of small and up to the elegant cars of luxury class there are air conditioning and all the modern devices for comfort and safety. All our cars are an excellent choice to drive over any distance.

Do not miss the opportunity to discover the attractions on your vehicle rental in Yerevan from Naniko!

Yerevan offers so many opportunities for cognitive rest starting with visits of museums, galleries and to the pleasant evenings in traditional restaurants or theaters. Once you are equipped with such an ideal way as a car rental in Yerevan, you can learn a lot of interesting sights.


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