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Book your coveted car rental in Georgia from Naniko

Disposed at the crossway of Europe and Asia, Georgia is a small dimensions country with a populace of 4.5 million people. To date, this is an ideal place for any type of vacation, both for fans of mountain trips and marine leisure and more people worldwide are discovering this great opportunity. When traveling in Georgia, you can enjoy a wide selection of attractions if you use the services of car rent in Georgia and this opportunity will be provided for you with the best condition by company Naniko. It is a reliable partner for your travel for business deals or leisure purposes, which will be able to provide services for any type of user and meet any your mobility needs. With us you can easily save a considerable percentage of your budget, because we strive to supply the lowest fares.

Discover more features and benefits with rent a car in Georgia by international company Naniko!

Use our convenient booking system which will give you in a matter of minutes options of searched auto and the best conditions of the contract will be provided. Just fill in the application form indicating the options you want.

All rates provided via our website or by direct contact in our office has always contain the cost of auto insurance and taxes and, thus, you do not have the risk that at the moment of sign the lease you will find higher rates than were originally provided.

The reservations can be made online, by visiting our offices, or by telephone through Naniko booking service. After completing the reservation process, whatever way it has been carried out, the customer will receive an email confirming the requested order, which will display all the details of the lease.

An extensive range of fleet of Naniko gives you the opportunity to order any type of cars, from the most economical and compact to spacious and comfortable cars.

The lease term originally stipulated in the lease contract and the rental day taken as 24 hours. The vehicle must be returned within the specified time, but if you have the intention to extend the rental period, you can always for a few days in advance to contact us and the question of extension will be settled.

Make your best travel by auto rental in Georgia, provided with the best conditions from Naniko!

It may happen that your plans have changed in terms of the period of hire or a model of the ordered car or you just want to cancel your order. We have no penalty and you can easily make adjustments to the order two days before the start date of the lease.

Having a car rented in Georgia offers you unlimited opportunities for studying the most spectacular sights at your own pace and according to personal preferences.

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