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Select the best car rental in Bishkek at affordable prices for Naniko

The capital of Kyrgyzstan Bishkek is the most important economic and cultural center. The origin of the name responds of several interesting legends, the most common of which is the one that in Kyrgyz language this word means a wooden container used to convert cream into butter, namely for koumiss. Koumiss is fermented mare’s milk which is the national drink of the country. The city attracts many visitors and there really is something to see for everyone, interesting sights, museums, and rich natural surroundings. To visit the city in the most satisfactory way many people choose car rent in Bishkek using the online reservation through the site of Naniko. Thus, only upon landing at the airport, after passing passport control you will get an immediate pre-ordered car and calmly and without problems head towards your destination.
You do not have to understand complex systems of movement of public transport or worry about high fees for taxi services.

Just arrange a well-organized trip with the auto rental in Bishkek by the international company  Naniko!

With Naniko you will without difficulty choose a car and the package that best suits you on price as our most competitive rates already include the cost of motor insurance and local taxes.
Whichever is a style of your trip, we have everything you need. For a romantic weekend we offer convertible sports car, for a family trip there is a convenient hatchback, for mountain routes are the most suitable and reliable SUVs and many other types of vehicles of all sizes and capacities.

After you enjoy the main attractions of Bishkek can make the trip in the countryside and for this we offer a unique benefit of unlimited mileage, taking into account that you will be able to travel as far as you wish.

Take good advices from Naniko for greater savings when rent a car in Bishkek!

The most reasonable is to book the services in advance, so as you can take advantage of lower rates or to find the best deals and discounts for your desired period.

Always pay attention to the fuel policy that in our company is regulated in accordance with several proposed options, from which you can choose the most convenient one for you.

Use the range of offers of additional services and assistive devices, which can also save you time and money and you will create an even greater comfort when traveling. So, for example, in the presence of the Navigator you will not have to wander in search of the right path and spend your time and efforts.

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