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The necessary information about car rent in the airport of Baku from Naniko

Baku is a very appealing place for tourists from many countries due to the presence of unique historical and cultural monuments, also flocking here many business people, because Azerbaijan is a major oil producer. Naniko is an international company which is amongst the largest provider of the services of car rent at the airport in Baku and offers the best range of vehicles and the best competitive prices in the market. The thoroughgoing practice in the field of car rental has allowed us to create an ample network of hire points around the world and the opportunity to provide our customers with reliable backup through our online portal for all airports and major cities around the world.

Learn more about conditions for rent a car in Baku airport from Naniko and get more attractive benefits!

On our web-page or via contact with our staff you get rates that are already taken into consideration taxes and the cost of auto insurance. You will not have any hidden costs and any additional services you want to order will have a separate cost which you can pay on the spot.

Apart from the payment of the basic cost of the services is also necessary to add the sum of the deposit, which is a guarantee in the event of mechanical damage or to cover fuel or other expenses. Subject to all rules of the contract it will be fully refunded at the end of the lease term.

Receive the leased vehicle is usually occurs at the local office, but delivery could also be implemented at an airport, or any desired location. It is important to specify the full information of the address and time of delivery, or if the car is required at the airport, it is necessary to give precise details of your flight.

Dates and rental period is always initially negotiated and clearly specified in the contract of lease. If you change your plans, you can always extend the lease by contacting Naniko reservation center.

Tracing the updates on our website you will often find special offers, discounts or free add-ons that will give you a significant advantage.

Make your trip better and save more with auto rented from Baku airport by Naniko!

Each tenant is responsible for the provision of reliable identity documents, also a driver’s license accordingly to the requirements in this country. For more information you can always contact our courteous operators.

In the spectrum of additional services you can choose the option of second chauffeur if you are traveling with friends or family.
Naniko, possessing extensive own fleet and can always provide you with the desired model of the car for any style of your trip. For special occasions and events there are range of luxury cars.

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