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Car rental in the airport of Almaty with the best offers from Naniko

Almaty is a fairly large city of the country and, accordingly, has an extensive network of bus and tram lines. The rate for a journey on any form of transport is the same regardless of the distance. Public transport is quite crowded and travel is impractical, especially if you have a luggage. There is also a limited service of underground having only one line. Thus it turns out that the fastest and most direct means of transport is the taxi and on board for each fare is better negotiate before the trip. Based on the overall picture, many come to the logical conclusion that the most efficient and cost effective is rent a car from Almaty airport and completely independently and quietly visit the city, which offers visitors a lot of interesting things.
To get the car immediately upon arrival, you can book it in advance through Naniko website. As it shown from the reviews and ratings of our customers, our company’s services defers for high level and low prices.
The undeniable advantage of the rental reservation through our web site is the presence of frequent discounts and special offers, and book a car rent from Almaty airport in advance, upon arrival our staff will already prepare all the necessary documents for you.

Get an auto rental in the airport of Almaty in the easiest and most economical way from Naniko!

Vehicles provided by our fleet is a wide variety of categories, all shapes and sizes, from which you can choose the most appropriate for your riding style. There are cars on both petrol and diesel, with manual or automatic transmission, from the category of small up to the vehicles with a capacity of 7-9 people.
As a rule, all our cars are of modern versions and equipped with air conditioning and other amenities, have enough luggage space.

If you are looking for a car at a cheap price, our tariffs will be ideal for you, because it includes the cost of car insurance and all taxes and you will be granted by unlimited mileage which allows at no additional costs for kilometers to explore the vastness of the country.

If you are planning a business trip or attending a special event for you also fit the category of luxury cars from our fleet and special corporate packages of services, taking into account the relevant nuances of your lease.

Explore the amazing places of the country in total comfort with the rent a car at Almaty airport by Naniko!

Almaty is a beautiful city that offers a lot of great places where you can see interesting architecture, historical monuments and remains of Asian culture. Many tourists tend to visit places like the Big Almaty Lake, located just 26 kilometers from the city, Lake Issyk and the other, in order to enjoy a peaceful and pleasant holiday in the bosom of nature.

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