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Rent a car and additional services in Riga, Latvia by Naniko

Whatever your purpose of visit of Latvia the desire of any traveler is the availability of complete comfort. Discover a range of offered from Naniko accessories and additional services for car rent in Riga, Latvia, which at any moment given at your disposal to make your way in a complete relaxation and comfort.
Performing countless daily car rental deals, Naniko care of each individual client with a personal approach and provides with a choice of services that can meet their needs and create a safe and comfortable journey.

Despite the fact that our low prices already include taxes and a basic package of auto insurance, you can additionally choose insurance packages offered depending on your wishes and preferences. A variety of accessories can facilitate you to solve many problems while traveling, for example, for transporting the luggage are available the luggage baskets and much more.

To make your way safe and enjoyable will help you the extra services for car rental in Latvia from Naniko!

You can always find the right path, even if the first time visiting the country and its terrain, using our satellite navigation. In seconds you will find the correct and shortest way to reach your destination without making a single wrong turn, while saving both your time and money. At any our point of rental you can order an effective navigator with updated maps of the area. GPS navigator can be ordered at time of reservation or at the reception of the car on the spot and you can conveniently pay at the time of pickup of your vehicle.

Did you know that traveling with a friend or family, you can share everything with your fellow travelers, even the pleasure of driving the car! When making lease contract, you can specify one or more additional drivers, so that during your journey even others will be able to fully enjoy the scenery. The service is also useful in order to avoid driver fatigue during longer journeys. Specify additional driver is not mandatory option, but only when you intend to allow one of the passengers drive the vehicle, the option becomes mandatory. In the absence of such guidance the use of this service, any other driver is unauthorized and may be fined by traffic regulators.

Roadside assistance service is available in case of unforeseen problems or damage to the vehicle due to a traffic accident. This service is available 24 hours through our operations center, which immediately will give your request our technical team.

Given the fact that in most countries, the use of car child seat is mandatory for children of a certain age and height, we provide a choice of a variety of safety seats for your children, from which you can choose the most suitable for your child. A reasonable solution would be to book a chair in advance when booking, as this option is highly in demand.

Often when traveling is a lot of baggage that is required to be conveniently placed so that the space inside the car remain free. To do this is very effectively to use the luggage baskets that are easy to install and have a satisfactory capacity.

Secure your trip to the maximum level with more supplementary services for vehicle rental in Latvia from Naniko!

If your trip falls on the winter season even here we will be able to offer you a variety of such devices for the cars, which will contribute to the easy solution of various current issues. So, for example, with snow-covered roads and icy snow chains will increase the efficiency of coupling of tires with the road surface. For lovers of the skiing we provide a ski rack, convenient to carry sports equipment.

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