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One way Car rental in Latvia from Naniko – your style of traveling!

As we can often find in the car rental world innovations that are marked with English terms and not always able to immediately grasp the fact that they may represent. On this basis, they may seem suspicious or could be misinterpreted, but as a rule, it points to a specific service, which may differ from the standard rent and have a normal value at no extra cost.

Such is the term of One Way rental, indicating a car rental in which to receive and return the rented car can be in two different rental locations. Basically are two types of common one way rental: domestic and international. In the first embodiment, the receiving and returning points of car are within the same country and in the second case they are in two various countries.

The company Naniko for many years provides the most extensive network of auto rental around the world, carrying millions of rental per year. We have served customers from many countries and our sites are supported in multiple languages and multiple currencies. Our customers always have access to multi-lingual telephone service or email support.

Today, our customers can also take advantage of one way vehicle rent in Latvia and get the cheapest fares to save their budget. Without sacrificing anything, you get the best balance between quality and price.

This is a great possibility that you are free to plan a linear route and plan your trip starting in one point of the country and to be completed in another place! No doubt we will offer you the best tariff for one way car hire in Latvia and all the elements of a high-class service, with which you can plan freely your desirable trip.

Travel without restrictions from place to place with a rent a car in one way in Latvia by Naniko!

The selected road when traveling can give a lot more experience and capabilities, when you are free to choose the destination. Wherever you want to go, you can leave your auto at the end point and we will return it to the initial position.

The provided multi-language support is available everyday of week and you will get any advice from our experts on the lease.

Our rates are always competitive, with comprised taxes and insurance and we will never add service charges or interest to the credit card. There is also no hidden costs or additional costs of which you would not have been aware of initially.

As noted above, one way rentals can be of local and international type. As we have an extensive network of rental points around the country and in other countries our company is able to provide both of these kinds of auto rentals in one way in Latvia. When crossing the national borders of the state you only need to get pre-notarized permission from our company.

The best brands, a vast selection, a huge saving with car rent in one way in Latvia provided by Naniko!

This type of lease provides unparalleled opportunity to travel all over the Latvia and Baltic coasts and visit a sufficient number of places along the way. Whatever your plan, you will be able to visit the most famous resorts, beaches or plunge into the study of the long history of Latvia. With a one way auto rent in Latvia, you will be free to go to any place without having to return to the starting point.

For our customers who intend to use this service, we always recommend to contact our polite and skilled operators who can provide detailed information on any issue regarding the rental.

For greater convenience and safe way, you can also take advantage of additional services or range of assistive devices, which include navigation systems, car seats for children of different sizes, winter accessories and more.

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