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Long term car rental in Riga, Latvia with Naniko

The company Naniko over the decades of its existence has reached a high level of awareness and became a reliable partner among the leading international providers of the services of car rental, serving tens of thousands of international customers. Our target audience are private customers, also local and international companies of all sizes. Due to the developed system of services and affordable prices we can offer flexible solutions for all types of consumers.

Among the most interesting options is a long term rental car rent in Riga, Latvia, corresponding to the expectations of business enterprises and providing an extensive fleet of vehicles for the lowest rates in the market.
The vehicles that we are able to provide for long term auto rent in Latvia of a variety of models and categories, suitable for work purposes, for holidays or special events. Our company also received a celebrity due to its unique ability to offer solutions to the demands and needs of customers, excellent standards of service and the fact of attention to each individual client.

Learn more about the strengths of the rent a car in the long term in Latvia from Naniko!

  • Flexible service packages are configured according to your needs, you can always make adjustments in each case, as it will be more profitable for your business.
  • The proposed various solutions allow customers to customize their own activities and to invest as much as possible in their field of activity when used long-term lease.
  • The most competitive price that will allow you to significantly save money and free up significant financial resources for your major investments.
  • Personalized approach to each client and the possibility of direct contact with highly qualified specialists who can advise you on the most appropriate and suitable options for you.
  • In the face of Naniko you get a unified and reliable partner in the long term, that will solve all your mobility needs and any related administrative matters.Naniko has longstanding relationships with leading car manufacturers, so it is able to promptly satisfy every choice and the needs of all types of corporate and private clients, whether the choice is the small and fuel-efficient cars, the car of average size, with most executive power or luxury models.

Apart of all Naniko Long Term vehicle rental in Riga, Latvia is focused on strengthening its position in the market, which today is dominated by the style of the standardization of services and aseptic relations, we differ with our personalized approach. Also, considerable emphasis is placed on innovation with the latest technological innovations that allow customers to use our services at more accessible and interactive level.
If your company has a need for the use of cars and the availability of the complete fleet of at least 10 cars, the package of long term rent an auto in Latvia certainly right for you.

Using this formula, you can best optimize all your expenses for management and maintenance of vehicles. This is a simple and flexible solution will allow you to devote yourself entirely to your business, entrusting Naniko full control of your fleet and get a full range of services for just a small monthly fee.

Designed specifically for your package of auto rental in the long term in Latvia is waiting for you from Naniko!

For corporations and businesses we can provide a variety of packages designed and adjusted specifically for their needs. Our solutions include a broad diapason of services designed to meet your specific requests, in which you get the optimization and cost reduction.
Due to the planned term of the lease, which can vary from 30 days to 60 months, you can know in advance the impact of your expenses on long-term lease, also at the end of the lease to avoid losses on realization of the used car.

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