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Corporate car rental in Riga, Latvia at the best conditions with Naniko

Performing numerous daily deal on car rent the company Naniko tries to provide more sophisticated service packages, focusing the attention on the individual needs of different consumers. Thus was created the package of corporate auto rent in Riga, Latvia, to simplify the question of mobility and travel for employees of companies of all sizes.
With our program the enterprise customers will be able to carry out many months rental and those companies that are in need of long-term lease can receive means for moving at more favorable rates. This multi-month program enables:

  • To use the corporate rates and get the best rates and benefits.
    • Avoid constant hassle of maintenance of the fleet in just one monthly payment and always be at the disposal of serviceable vehicles.
    • Get always guaranteed regular and extraordinary maintenance in the workshops of the network, authorized by our company.
    • Payment can be made automatically from your billing account, in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the contract.

Let Naniko ensure the mobility of your employees using the package of corporate rent a car in Riga, Latvia!

Naniko provides special corporate rate and a plan with pre-established corporate tariffs, which will be valid during the term of the lease contract. So, even in the peak season, when it happens that the prices are much higher, you will be guaranteed in keeping your corporate rates stipulated in the contract. This fact is very advantageous for the companies and for precise planning and evaluation of their car rental costs in advance.
Corporate car rental plan provides gives a number of benefits for the planning of annual expenditures in general and for the accumulation of material investments in their direct business. Some of the benefits that you get with are following:

  • Always special rates are available only for small and medium-sized businesses also for large companies.
  • No supplementary fees in addition to fixed monthly quota, in which includes all the agreed services.
  • Unlimited mileage and all taxes are included in the fare provided.
  • The availability of special programs for corporate customers with frequent business trips to other countries in need of a convenient means of travel.
  • Multi-monthly or corporate rental is available for 30 days and up to eleven months in which at the end of the lease term, you can always review the conditions and with certain amendments to extend the lease contract. Vehicles must be returned no later than the last day of the rental period. For now always entitled to early termination of the contract at any time during the rental period.
  • No need to return the vehicle every 30 day for several months rental. However, in that case if the vehicle is subject to ordinary or extraordinary preventive maintenance, the tenant must inform our company and the technical service to take care of the settlement of this issue. For the period of maintenance work you will be given another vehicle of the same category.

Do not miss the opportunity of preferential tariffs using a corporate vehicle rental in Riga provided by Naniko!

Designed specifically to meet the needs of corporate clients, we can provide a variety of options available within the portfolio of corporate vehicle lease in Latvia. Whether you own a small to medium-sized company or a large corporation, we can always find a unique program designed for your budget and operational requirements.Reducing your company’s fleet will give the positive result in improving the efficiency of the overall investment in your business when you do not have to pay a huge amount more for the purchase of automobiles.

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