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The best offers for car rental in Vilnius from Naniko

Lithuania is situated in Northern Europe and to for today has already won the hearts of many tourists by irresistible charm of its cities and with the opportunity to spend wonderful days on its famous beaches. In particular, the country’s capital Vilnius attracts with its unique architecture, the masterpieces of Baroque art, a great opportunity to try the local cuisine and learn more about the interesting history of the city. From the moment you find yourself in this magical city, of course, the question arises of how in a convenient way to navigate during your trip to freely dispose of your time and, if possible, not to depend on a strict schedule of public transport. And here very useful will be the ideal system of car rent in Vilnius provided by an international company Naniko. A variety of offers from Naniko designed to help all users to choose the most suitable vehicle for the best rates.

Experience the beauty and culture of the capital city with the comfort of auto rental in Vilnius at the best prices from Naniko!

Here you get a chance to book services completely risk-free, which means that at any time, if your plans have changed, you can free of charge to change or cancel your order 48 hours prior to commencement of the lease.
From us you get the best price on the market, which means included in the rate of auto insurance costs and any tax, advantage of unlimited mileage and readiness of our technical teams always come to your aid when unforeseen complications on the road.
At any time you have availability to our specialists, who will give you free advice by phone on the question how to choose more profitable for you packages or any additional information about our services.

Often for greater comfort and security needed some accessories, range of which you can find out at our website, or directly at our offices. You can rent a GPS navigator, car seats for children, ski racks, snow chains, and more.
The cost of the additional services are always available separately and pay for them you can also on-site with any more affordable method of payment for you.

Plunge into the unknown world of the metropolitan atmosphere and rent a car in Vilnius from Naniko!

Vilnius and its surroundings are rich in various interesting places and in the presence of a car you are free to reach most of them. Here, in the cozy restaurants you can taste the famous local dish Tibinai,, made with puff pastry with potatoes and pork.
Meanwhile, the old town is of great interest to scientists, and also for lovers of history and anthropology.

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