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The territory of Ukraine is mainly characterized by a flat landscape, which is crossed by a large mountain range of the Carpathians. This country offers visitors the natural wealth and fascinating cultural traditions, among which are the folk songs and beautiful handicrafts. To arrive in Ukraine is easy both by sea and by land, but the easiest way is still a airway, as in the country are several international airports. Whichever way you would choose for arriving here, to move within the country the most convenient is the car rent in Ukraine. You can easily travel visiting not only the beautiful capital Kiev, but most of the other attractions that will leave an indelible mark in your heart.
Naniko gives you the opportunity to book an auto rent in Ukraine and in all major cities in the simple and reliable way through the online booking system. This will save you much more money and efforts.

You can compare all the cheapest deals for rent a car in Ukraine with Naniko to find the best option for you!

Using our booking system with no loss of time and effort, you will get the desired results quickly by using a few handy filters on request. To get started please fill out the application form on the direction you want and the desired dates.
For all your travel needs and characteristics we are able to offer a corresponding vehicle. For mountain trips our reliable SUVs are indispensable, for moving around the city you will approach our series of economical cars, for business trips or special events choose one of our elegant sedans or luxury cars.

If you prefer to travel in winter, for you will certainly be useful our special devices and winter accessories for the safety of your journey. For example, the presence of such devices as snow chains is necessary on board the vehicle, since with the snow-covered or icy road they improve the degree of tire grip.
In addition, you can also use other devices such as navigators, children’s car seats, luggage baskets and much more.
Given to the fact that Ukraine has huge areas provided by us an unlimited mileage will save for you a considerable amount and allow to travel in complete freedom.

Get the useful and necessary information from Naniko for a good traveling by vehicle rental in Ukraine!

• You need to know that in Ukraine the speed limit can vary from 20-130km / h, depending on the terrain.
• In the country is allowed to drive the vehicles with right-hand drive, but it is always better to make sure that you rent a car, which are able to drive.
• It is prohibited to drive while intoxicated and forbidden to use mobile phone.