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Discover car rental in Tartu from international company Naniko

The second by scale Estonian city of Tartu inhabit about 95 thousand people, and being the center of the region, it is situated on the banks of the Emajõgi River. Tartu is characterized by the incomparable charm of the churches, squares and picturesque bridges connecting both banks of the river, and the city get big popularity for the availability here of the famous University. The presence of a large number of young people and students in the city contribute to the common interest activities and nightlife. University is a true gem of Estonia and is disposed in a neoclassical building hosts the most faculties.
It is advantageous to rent a car in Tartu to dispose freely of your own time, to move regardless of the precise routes of public transport and easy to plunge into a wonderful visit of the city, which is also known for its neo-classical historical center.

Get the best deals on auto rental in Tartu from Naniko and create your own travel style!

All prices, which are published on our website or you get in our offices already include the cost of compulsory motor insurance and VAT. With the provision of unlimited mileage you will be able to travel to any distance without any additional expenses.

Our services can be ordered through a convenient reservation system or by phone, where our friendly and qualified operators will provide you with maximum assistance in choosing your desired car. After completing the booking, you will receive an email confirmation of your order, which will display all the necessary details.

Naniko provides you with a vast fleet of vehicles, which contains different categories of auto and you will not have difficulty to choose the one that best fits your style and travel purposes. If you need a car for urban movements that fit our fuel-efficient mini category, for a business trip we will provide you with an elegant sedan, convenient minivan you can choose for a family vacation.

It should be remembered that the reservation voucher you should always carry with you when taking a car, but it is not a substitute for the lease, which is usually issued on the spot. In the contract originally indicated the exact lease period with the date of receipt and return of the car, but if necessary you can always extend it.

Client responsibilities include the exact observance of the contract conditions, also provision of the correct email address for contact.

Start your exciting journey with rent a car in Tartu at the most affordable prices by Naniko!

During the whole period of rental, our employees are available to you for any advice, and in the case of unforeseen problems on the road, you get free help from our technical team. In order to keep abreast of the frequent discounts, always browse through updates on our website.

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