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Estonian city of Tartu has a rare charm. Its true gem is the ancient University, which exists here since 1632 and for this reason the city is dominated by the younger generation and students. Tartu, founded around 1030, has a rich history, charm and beauty which is typical for the Nordic countries. The city is served by the airport, which is located about 8 km away from Tartu. It’s convenient location near the highway, facilitates convenient movement by car. After several years of non-scheduled flights, the airport has been restored and renovated and today from here are the flights across the country. It was originally opened in 1946, and a runway was expanded in 2009 to receive large airliners. Upon arrival you will get the opportunity to go without a problem on the planned route, if pre-book the car rent at Tartu Airport through the system on the web-site of the international company Naniko. You can easily and quickly reach the city by highway and can carry out your plans.

Enjoy the beauty of bridges and old buildings with the comfort of a auto rental in Tartu Airport received from Naniko!

Our company offers a convenient system for users, through which you will find the most affordable tariffs for a variety of services and service packages. We aim to provide an affordable and effective way to the car rental reservation for all those who travel for pleasure or on business matters.

At the end of the booking process in a few hours you will receive your order confirmation, which specifies all the details of your chosen services.

In order to take the car, be sure to hold accurate information about the requirements of the country for personal documents, as well as make sure that your driver’s license is accepted in the country. In some cases, if the document is issued in unreadable in the country language, you must have in presence a driver’s license of international standard.

When you have planned a trip with crossing the state border, it is necessary to specify the country to which you intend to travel. As a rule, it is possible with a special document from our company, which allows you to travel on our vehicles to another country.

To make changes to the order or cancel it, you need to follow a two-day period before the commencement of the lease, in which case the procedure is free of charge.

Learn more about all the advantages offered by Naniko for rent a car in Tartu Airport!

– We offer a broad spectrum of vehicles, ranging from fuel-efficient models and up to luxury cars.

– The tariffs, provided you originally contain compulsory insurance and all taxes.

– All offers and service packages include unlimited mileage.

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