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Cheap car rental in Russia with an international provider for rent a car Naniko

Russia is a transcontinental country which extends between Europe and Asia with a natural border betwixt the two continents, formed by the Ural Mountains. With the territory of approximately 17 thousand sq. kilometers, Russia is the largest country in size in the world.

Via the web-page of Naniko you can find the best suggestions of car rent in Russia. Whether traveling by private car in the best way you will be able to discover this vast country, where you will find countless cultural and natural attractions. Starting from Moscow and St. Petersburg one can follow to the study of medieval cities of the Golden Ring, or to go to the discovering of the Siberian steppes and wild lands of Kamchatka, visit the deepest in the world lake Baikal.

Naniko, having an extensive network of rental points, will offer you a vehicle for rent in Russia, in its large and small cities and airports at affordable prices. Huge selection of categories of vehicles will allow you to travel without restrictions, discovering the beauty and many historical sites of the vast country.

Take advantage of the best way to travel for leisure or business and rent a car in Russia by Naniko!

The tariffs that Naniko provides its customers already include all compulsory insurance, taxes and, as a rule, unlimited mileage, which is very notable for the economy, given the huge size of the country.

You will not have the risk of penalties if for some reason there is a need to amend the order or cancel it no later than 48 hours before the commencement of the lease. But keep in mind that if you change the length of rental period or car model, can be appropriately changed also the total amount.

For travel in maximum comfort, we provide our customers with variety of accessories, among which you can choose navigators, child seats, as required by law if the on-board the vehicle are children, tools for easy transport of luggage and sports equipment, winter accessories and more.

The variety of service packages offered with a view to meet any travel needs of clients. Whether it’s business or pleasure, you will be able to choose the most appropriate package of services, such as rent in the short or long term, one way rental, operational leasing or more.

Create for yourself an ideal environment for travel using an auto rental in Russia, provided by Naniko!

Cooperating with us, you can be sure that you are getting the best services currently existing on the rental market. We are constantly updating and improving our website and the services provided in accordance with high international standards.