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The capital of present Russian Federation Moscow has its own history only from the twelfth century, but over the centuries was the center of economical and political life of the country. Today it is a huge and modern metropolis full of contrasts, where you can still clearly see the remnants of the communist era, also the original attraction and symbolism of the Russian imperial power.

If for your visit to this city you organize in advance the ideal means for movement by booking online via Naniko car rent from Sheremetyevo Airport, it will be much easier and more comfortable for you to get to all the main attractions and travel to the surrounding areas. On your auto you will be able to continue your trip within the country and easy access to other historical cities or neighboring countries.

Use the search engine of our website to find the best deal for rent a car at the airport Moscow-Sheremetyevo from Naniko!

When booking through our website you can easily select your car, using a number of filters with which you can specify such details as the size and capacity of the car, the availability of an automatic or manual transmission, car with petrol or diesel engine and more. Since the booking will completed your reservation will be confirmed within a few hours.

By carrying out your order, you can always without risk of penalties make changes to your order or even cancel it 48 hours before the commencement of the lease. To do this, if you prefer, you can contact our operators by phone.

Booked services can be paid via any online payment method or at the place of pickup of the cars in our office. Please note that the reception of the car can only carry out a tenant with the provision of its own documents and credit cards in his name. At the same time there is also a need to pay the deposit, which is designed for unforeseen mechanical damage to the vehicle and is subject to a full refund at the end of the lease, subject to full compliance with the contract.

Make your trip to the big city with the comfort on your auto rental at Sheremetyevo airport of Moscow by Naniko!

Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport is listed as second by its passenger flow in Russia and the is located near Moscow, in 29 km to the northwest. There are good transport connections to the airport and in the absence of traffic on the road you can reach it within an hour. In the airport terminal provided comfort and a range of relevant services, here is a reasonable number of shops and catering facilities. Having a car from our company, you can also take a straight route in any direction without the need to return to the starting point and refund the car in the nearest hire office our company.