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Find the car rental at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport with Naniko

Domodedovo International Airport is placed in the homonymous town, 35 km from Moscow and in recent decades has become the leading airport of the capital, carrying out numerous domestic and international flights. Today, thanks to the construction of new terminals the total passenger flow is over 25 million per year. Perhaps for your trip you have chosen this path and arrived here you have a need to continue your journey on a comfortable vehicle. In this case, you will be very beneficial to make a booking of car rent at the Domodedovo airport in Moscow beforehand via the website of the company Naniko, which offer lower prices and a variety of service packages.
By using the services on our site you will be able significantly save money and reduce the time for searching the right conditions, because we immediately propose you a whole range of services required for your mobility.

The best opportunities of effective conditions for rent a car at Domodedovo airport provided to you by Naniko!

In order to quickly get the desired result you first need to complete the application form and taking advantage of convenient filters to determine the direction and the date of the lease, also select the car that fits your specifications.

The range of vehicles in our fleet is very wide and covers all categories of cars, ranging from economical small auto, spacious minivans, SUVs, sedans and up to luxury cars. The vehicle can be selected by characteristics such as the presence of air conditioning, diesel or gasoline fuel, with manual or automatic transmission and more.

We have a large coverage area and our rental offices are available in all cities and towns in Russia, airports and railway stations. Therefore, if you have a need for our services anywhere in the country and abroad, we are always and everywhere available to you. It is also possible to carry out a one-way rental and return the car at a different point than the rental you took.

Use the services of a multilingual website of Naniko, to find an effective auto rental at the Domodedovo airport in Moscow!

Learn one more time in details about the benefits that are provided to you by our company:
It is always the best offers, periodic special deals and significant discounts, special conditions for corporate and regular customers.

Proposed the price, which takes into account taxes and compulsory auto insurance, there are no commissions or hidden costs. You will also receive free technical support in case of unforeseen problems on the road and unlimited mileage will help you save even more.
Without any penalties you can change your order, or remove it within a two-day period before the commencement of the lease.