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Low cost car rental in Minsk from Naniko

The visitors of Minsk expected by a lots of interesting things, from museums and monuments of culture and to the magnificent parks and natural areas. You can move by public transport or taxi, so you can visit everything that interests you. But many travelers prefer to have available in their own car rented in Minsk. As well known, in the big cities the traffic is always associated with certain difficulties and delays. In this way you will not have any restrictions either in time or in the routes and you will be free to visit attractions such as the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit or Island of Tears in complete comfort.

Discover an excellent opportunity to travel and low prices for rent a car in Minsk by Naniko!

We offers all types of vehicles from small and economical cars to large SUVs and from elegant sedans to roomy minivans, so you can easily discover your ideal auto at the preferred price.

With convenient filters through our booking system, you can quickly implement booking of car and any additional services or ancillary accessories that will create for you even more comfort and safety. For example, you can select the GPS-systems, car child seats, satellite radio or additional services such as the option of co-driver, services of a qualified chauffeur and more.

Be sure to find out detailed information and strategic advice to rent a car on our web-page or directly from our trained professionals that will help you maximize the efficiency of booking, and also help you save money and effort.

Payment for ordered services can be carried out by any online payment or directly in the offices of the company in the relevant currency. There is also a need for the deposit payment, which is calculated as a guarantee in case of any mechanical damage to the vehicle.

Carefully inquire yourself and select the suitable option of the fuel policy. You may receive a car with a full tank and when you return you will be required to refund it with the same quantity of fuel, or return with an empty tank and pay the price on the spot.

Get comprehensive information on the best deals on auto rental in Minsk from Naniko!

When hire a car you should always pay great attention to the important points of the lease, the timing of receipt and return, which are clearly indicated initially and other nuances.

The most important is the fact that the tariffs proposed by us already include all taxes and costs of compulsory motor insurance, also you have an unlimited mileage and free roadside assistance in case of unforeseen troubles.