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Car Rental at the airport of Riga and rent a car from Naniko

Planning your trip to Latvia you will probably arrive at the airport of the capital and to conveniently and immediately continue your way reasonable to reserve a car rent from Riga Airport. If you are in search of appropriate and affordable services, then you have got to the right place where you will get the desired service, to the website of Naniko. Our company will give you the answer to all your needs of mobility. Based on our professionalism, experience and reliability, we always strive to meet the needs of customers in a timely and full service. Due to the fleet, manned with vehicles of high quality you will not be in difficulty to choose a car according to your riding style. Arriving in the Latvian capital on the plane, you will receive your auto rented at Riga Airport and get the opportunity to move in any direction.

Choose your auto rental at the airport of Riga provided for you by Naniko!

An international company Naniko offers its services for vehicle renting in Riga Airport at the most competitive rates and most reliable means of transport for tourist or business purposes. At the moment, our offices can be found in most of Europe and now in Latvia, in all its destinations.
The aim of our project was originally the idea of helping consumers being in a business trip or leisure travel in need of a convenient means of travel. By providing transparency and convenience of the service, Naniko also pays a big attention to the fact of efficiency and cheapness of the services provided. In addition it may be noted and additional advantages such as:

Certainly the personal approach to each client, where great attention is paid to detail and customer preferences.
In our face you will not get only a temporary service provider but a reliable partner in the long term, which is always ready to provide you with the right advice and our specialists at the professional level will provide you at any time with required information related to the rental cars.

Over the years this concept of our activity has brought us a corresponding positive response, many thousands of loyal customers family and also media attention. Regardless of the fact that every day we process a large number of orders, level of service is not decreasing, but rather more refined, taking into account any changes in the consumption market.

Booking your order on, you can immediately get the value of the selected vehicle or additional services by specifying the start and end points and the required period.

Wanting to enjoy a trip or successfully implement business goals, take a car for rent at Riga airport by Naniko simple and easy to make a booking through our search engine. Wherever lays your itinerary, with our cars in your hands is the keys to open the world!

Start your entertaining journey now with a vehicle rental at the airport from the Riga from Naniko!

From the moment of your arrival and throughout the term of the lease, we will take care to make your visit and journey proceeded with trouble-free smoothness. In the case of unforeseen problems encountered on the road, you will get immediate help from our technical team.
The diversity of our range of car parks allow you to select the desired car, the one that will perfectly fit your needs. There is a flexible city cars, elegant sedans for a business trip or special events, comfortable minivans for family vacations, and much more.

Granted from us the unlimited mileage will allow you without worry about the kilometers traveled to travel in complete freedom.
You will not have obstructions in case you are planning a trip to the neighboring country by car. You just need to first obtain from our company the writing permission for this.

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