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The best opportunities of car rent in Odessa by Naniko

Odessa as a pearls of Ukraine with its strategic location on the Black Sea coast attracts many tourists and beach lovers. Also, hete are numerous historical sites, museums and parks. To the movement around the city there is a network of public transport and taxis, but the most viable alternative for a comfortable travel is to rent a car in Odessa, in the presence of which you can visit the most famous and interesting tourist destinations in the city and beyond. Do not miss the chance to adore the famous Odessa Opera House, get the sun buthes on the famous seaside resorts on the beaches of Odessa Arcadia and Langeron. Here you will discover the ideal places to relax with family or friends.

Comparing prices and offers of all leading rental companies in the market, our company always strive to offer the most competitive rates, a broad range of models and classes of vehicles that can meet any needs and budget of consumers.

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Initially, our goal was to create a place for users, through which they could obtain the necessary information about the services of car rental and take advantage of the spectrum of services at the lowest rates. Our goal has been achieved and we are able to provide efficient access to the reservation system for all those who travel for pleasure or on business matters.

Great attention we have paid to safety and, consequently, our booking system has a high level of security and protection of personal data.

For receiving the rented car you must have a reservation voucher and all necessary personal documents. The voucher contains specific information about the car, the price and other details of the order. If your driver’s license issued in a language different from the Cyrillic alphabet, then you must be in possession of an international driver’s license as an annex to the original.

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– Always the best and comprehensive range of vehicles of all categories, type, capacity and other specific characteristics. Here you will find a reliable SUV to travel on off-road or mountain trips, economical and small auto for the movements in the city, luxury cars for special events and business meetings, and much more.

– All our rates are offered with the included taxes and the cost of auto insurance.

– Provided unlimited mileage and free roadside assistance.

– A variety of packages, from which you can choose the most appropriate to you condition.