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About Latvia: Naniko car rental

A fantastic country Latvia and its capital Riga, the European Council elected European Capital of Culture for 2014. Thus, Latvia increasingly strengthening its cultural positions and attracts many tourists.
The symbol of Latvia – the Statue of Liberty is 42 meters tall, the top of which is female figure holding in her the hands of three stars – three cultural-historical province of Latvia – Kurzeme (Courland), Vidzeme (Livonia) and Latgale (Latgale). On the monument bears the inscription "For Fatherland and Freedom."

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Main cities in Latvia:

Daugavpils, Liepaja, Jelgava, Jurmala, but let’s not overtake the events and tell a little about country’s each part.
Latvia is beautiful for its unspoiled nature, forests, sandy beaches.
The special charm to the country gives cultural traditions, architecture and variety of attractions.
Beautiful resort of Jurmala – 25 km from Riga, which draws its calm scenery and leisurely pace, ideal for travelers looking for pacification of mind and for family holidays. In contrast to the popular beach resorts are always calm, which attracts many artists in search of inspiration for their masterpieces. Jurmala is famous for its therapeutic mineral waters, mud, pine forests, and enhances immunity, dunes and beach area (more than 32 km).
Children and adults alike love the water park Lewa, one of the largest in northern Europe.
Concert Hall Dzintary not need unnecessary nod, because for decades pleases fans of his music concerts, festivals and other events.
One of the Sigulda’s features is considered – the so-called Switzerland of Latvia, located in the valley of Gauja.
There are many attractions – knights castles, colorful celebration of the autumn leaf fall, a memorial of lovers called Turaida Rose, and of course, the cave Gutmana with depth of more than 18 yards.
Caves walls are painted with many ancient signs, dating from the mid-17th century.
There is valley crossing cable car.Along Gauja.
Jelgava is green, well-kept and welcoming city.
On the rivers Lielupe Driksa reserve is located meadows floodplains.
Jelgava Palace and the oldest university in Latvia "Academia Petrina", also located here.
Tourists are attracted by the tower of the Holy Trinity.
Daugavpils – a cozy town with the provincial charm flair, but the developed infrastructure that offers tourists a variety of destinations: Daugavpils fortress, built in the first half of the 19th c. Liepaja deserves the attention of tourists – maritime gateway of the country, which are the jewel of the imperial heritage of the city, the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas. At the temple consecration attended the royal family of Nicholas II.
Latvia cultural traditions characterized of bathing procedures, which will be offered in each hotel and even in a guest house.
Amber Road in Riga – for thousands of years has joined the Baltic to the Mediterranean and Black Sea. In the burial of Egyptian pharaohs also found Baltic amber sample.
A variety of routes would be prompt by your imagination! Individual tours by car or by bus group – business of your choice.
Come to Latvia, relax with car hire companies Naniko and take with you Baltic Sea energy.